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  • You get free access to retargeting your donors on bitLanders for further promotion, and totheir profile.
  • You reach out to bitLanders’ 500,000 users and their 180 million fans and friends.
  • You get your dedicated charity page that you can promote on your own networks.
  • You get a profile on bitLanders to share your videos, pics and news, and monitor the donations.
  • You can receive micro-donations as low as 1/500 of a cent from a potential of 7 billion people.
bitCharities gathers an average of 10,000 daily donations.

BitCharities &
Corporate Responsibility

Donations are triggered by users’ tasks such as

  • Uploading content
  • Reading blogs
  • Watching videos or pictures
  • Sharing content on social media
  • Answering surveys
  • Acquiring avatar accessories
Or via Charities Landing Pages.

BitCharities Technology

bitCharities technology maximizes the charity’s impact
by directly connecting donors and corporate supporters,
increasing their interest in their cause.

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